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    Please advise re prcviewer


      I have run every program you all have suggested, however Security scan keeps picking it up- what do I do? It is sittting in quarantine at the moment, however I would love to get it off. According to what I have read, they say this is a McAfee problem only- if so why not a fix? This is a new problem for me, I am one of the people that have been running with no complaints about what other people have stated. As a matter of fact, I complemented you all on your hard work. Yesterday I renewed, now how about an answer I am comfortable about. I cannot send it to you, I am told to big- all I can say about the file is this,  date discovered 11/30/05-program, win32 dat required 4640= I am running xp sp3, thanks-poodles5

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          Hi poodles5,

          Could you please confirm if your program is been picked by McAfee security scan or McAfee virus scan (McAfee security scan is a different product that is desigend to check the installed security products in your computer)

          If its been quarantined by McAfee virus scan please let us know the version of your McAfee virus scan and DAT version .




          Dinesh K

          McAfee Online Community Moderator

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            IT was picked up by by virus scan and quarantined- I began searching my pc and found where it was, deleted it- has not come back.My version is 10.5.216, virus scan 14.5.130  DAT-6182, firewall 11.5.140. I thought I reported what I did, at the moment all I have still sitting in quar, I sent them to you a few months ago-Artemis A9471686EF34--2 others, generic malware-co imp 107.tmp-tmpc7.tmp- I have not removed them they are sitting in quar and trusted items. What should I do with them? I have McAfee total protection, aways bought from you and downloaded from my account .I am not sure who picked it up.It is gone for the past 2 weeks.

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              Hi Suzzane,


              Could you please us more information about the PRC Viewer program

              • How was the program installed what that from any website or using a disk?
              • What is the version of PRC Viewer that's installed?



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                I do not remember now how I found it, I did  remove it and it did not come back- If it does I will be more careful about how it got in- I just sent you just now a new message on a detection called Artemis! A9A71686EF34, started a discussion on it. Sorry I cannot give you more info on what you asked about, I did post what I did to remove it or what I did finally remove it. Suzanne

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                  Vinod R

                  PRCViewer is a small command line utility that can alter a processes characteristics (Affinity and Priority) and also View, Close, Kill, Suspend and Resume running processes, even when Task Manager access is disabled.   However many malware have mis-used this feature in the past and the technique used by this application is not considered safe triggering the detection.



                  For further details of the original legitimate application(Process.exe), please visit the Beyond Logic website.

                  See http://www.beyondlogic.org/solutions/processutil/processutil.htmhttp://www.sysinternals.com/Util