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    Replication failed with error 11001




      I have many replication repositories failed because in the replication task the repositories names is wrong.

      Replication is putting the server ID instead the server name, please see attached picture



      From sitelist.xml is possble to make sure about server ID.

      - <SuperAgentSite Name="ePOSA_XXX019351C01" ID="E0719C19-C65E-4EF9-906C-7A0EE6A3ACF7" Server="XXX019351C01:8081" Enabled="1" Type="repository" ServerIP="10.xx.xx.xx:8081" ServerDNS="XXX019351C01:8081" ServerName="XXXE019351C01:8081">

        ePO Server 4.5(P3)