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    mcafee epo 4.5 fails to update mcafee 8.7i clients

      Hi All,


      I have a working epo server 4.5 from mcafee and have 10 clients connected to the epo server.  We renewed our license last may 2010  but when i check some of my clients i can see that they have not updated after june 2010.  I can see that they can connect to the epo server and query the server but for some reason the epo server fails to update from the http site of mcafee.    I tried uninstalling one client and installed mcafee antivirus again then have it connect to the epo server for the update but it fails.   However when  i do a direct download from mcafee for the superdat file nov2010 and run it locally on the computer it gets updated.


      I was thinking this could be related to the renewal that mcafee epo isnt recognizing that we already renewed our license.


      Any suggestions? 


      Michael Ong