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    lbdg - Artemis!9BA43FB3DC26

      I have installed Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 and keep getting virus  Artemis!9BA43FB3DC26 detected.  It appears to be on the Autorun.exe on the disc which is needed when playing RTC 3.


      I have run update on McAfee and it still keeps showing up after the scan.  Also, I tried to copy and compress to send to Avert but the read only feature protecting the disc prevents this.  Done a comple scan on hard drive and nothing shows up.


      Is there any help on this?


      Thanks in advance

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          Thanks for reporting. The file has been whitelisted - give it ~30 mins for the Artemis detection to go away.

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            Vinod R

            these seems to be updated... now depending upon your geo and network latency it might take 20-30 mins for that to getthrough to your machine..


            request to scan the machine or attempt to replicate the scenario post 20-30 mins as vinoo suggested.


            thanks Vinoo for jumping on this one



            added more info on 22/11/10 8:13:25 PM IST
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              Vinrod & Vinoo....


              I have scanned the machine and ran Roller Coaster Tycoon 3.  There has not been a detction message regarding the  detection of Artemis!9BA43FB3DC26.


              Also, I scanned the original Autorun.exe and there has not been a detection that caused the original problem.


              Thanks for resolving this.


              Best regards,