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    Unwanted Program



      After finishing a full scan an information was displayed, that an unwanted program "Dialer-x" was detected.

      Is there any information in a log-file available in which program the dialer was detected?


      Best regards,


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          Peter M

          Try double-clicking that taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter


          Then click Navigation at top right.


          Click Quarantined and Trusted Items in the table below


          Open each drawer to expand.  It;s probably in Quarantined Potentially Unwanted Programs


          Hopefully there are more details there as to whether or not you want to keep (trust) it or delete it.

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            With Security Center 10 (German version) I can click on Navigation at top right.

            Because my reaction during the scan was "skip" this program "Dialer-x" is not listed. Some other programs are. But there is no explanation about the original program and I can't decide, if this is a false-positive or a false-negative alarm.

            I do not want to remove an item if I'm not absolutely sure, that the detected program is really harmful.

            Do you have any other ideas?

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              Peter M

              Well I suggest you Google the name to see if it applies to any applications you use and then perhaps scan with an independent anti-malware scanner such as the free version of this one, update it first though.

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                Ok, I'll google it. But I hoped, that Virus Scan will let me know in which of my applications it has detected "Dielaer-x".

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                  Peter M

                  It's been a long time since anything was detected on my machine but I'm sure it mentioned the path in the first popup that appeared warning me.


                  According to my sources if you highlight the item in those drawers I mentioned earlier and click the arrow it should expand to show that info.

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                    I  followed your instructions, when I was able to identify un wanted program, I was able to track it down. I sent it to the recycle bin and shredded it from McAfee - Just ran a clean scan- thank you very much. Now I will create a new restore point so that it cannot-I hope-come back. I wonder if I should create a new backup - I ran a scan from malwarebytes, it found 2 and I got rid of them, they were in a backup file separate from my pc- I will run all scans again on everything-Again thank you, and yes google is a great place to get info-Thank you again-Poodles5

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                      Peter M

                      Might be an idea to make new backups.   If you use System Restore, immediately afterwards update your McAfee product by right-clicking the taskbar icon and selecting "Check for Updates".

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                        I made a new backup just in case, then ran a scan, in the quarantined and trusted items it is listed as detected and quarantined and potentially programs-What do I do with it? I tried before I made a new backup to delete, it would not, tried to send to you, said it was to big-I have scanned this morning , was clean, do I just let it sit- if so then I cannot delete other files in there because you cannot delete one by one?

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                          Peter M

                          Just shade them all and delete or go to your Quarantine folder  in Windows Explorer and empty it.  I just posted instructions on how here:  https://community.mcafee.com/message/160779#160779

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