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    Total Protect 2011 from Ebay

      The question if  Serial pasword only help me Renew  my protection 2010 to 2011 without New CD from Seller ? Or without new CD i can't  Renew my software


      I have old CD  software 2010. with password

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          Answer from seller


          Dear xxx If you have the 2010 CD all you need is the activation code. If you don't have the CD it can still be linked anyway. You could save on shipping that way, yes.

          That is right information?

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            The 2011 product currently advertised is actually the 2010 product.  You simply renew the subscription and it will upgrade to the 2011 product.


            I recommend the following after having uninstalled your old product which is obviously associated with another license via Control Panel and then run the MCPR removal tool linked under Useful Links above.  Reboot.


            Reinstall product from the CD then......


            Right click on M icon (at system tray)

            • Click on the option product step (or) Activate
            • Enter the cd product key (you bought on eBay) in this format – XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX
            • Click on next and Log in to your McAfee account, or create a new one if necessary.
            • Activation gets completed.



            Update it immediately.


            The 2011 version will automatically install when it is final.



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              Thank You


              and i need to end my license first ? activate new after end of current lcense


              Thank You



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                Yes, wait until then.