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    services, firewall, wireless disabled

      I keep reading posts with a similiar problem but no answers. Recently (like 3 days ago) purchased dell laptop with windows 7 home edition. Now getting all kinds of services not started messages. Firewall disabled messages and my wireless networking has been disabled.....

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          If the Dell laptop is only a few days old and you're having these problems with it, you might want to check out posts in one of the Dell forums - the general Dell Laptop forum might be a good place to start :



          There are a couple of posts in the Malware forum over there where the posters reported services not starting / firewall disabled. In both cases that I looked at the assumption was that the PC was virus-infected. If you suspect that your laptop has been infected with a virus there is a document here on the forums which tells you how to troubleshoot the problem :



          If it's a problem related to the laptop or installed OS, the Dell forum should be your first port of call; if it's a virus or other malware the link above should give you a start at least in finding what it is.


          Let us know what you find out, and we'll take it from there.


          (Edit) - I'm making two big assumptions here. One, that the services which aren't running don't stop your laptop from starting up and at least running in Safe Mode; and two, that you can somehow connect to the internet from your laptop. Let us know if either of those prevent you from following through on my suggestions; if they do, I'll hand you over to someone more tech-savvy to troubleshoot your problem.



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