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    Can’t run McAfee at all

      Tried running McAfee virus scan, but the program will not open. A white square pops open, but nothing happens. I cannot do anything related to the McAfee security suite… unable open, update, uninstall, or reinstall. Also the desktop gadgets to not work either; I’m not sure if that’s related.


      The computer is an HP running Windows Vista


      If more info is needed, please let me know.


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          I just noticed that no-one's picked up your question. Sorry, donb88, I'll do what I can but you may need one of the techs on to this. At least now it's answered it should get noticed.


          First, can you run a quick check with Security Scan Plus? If you can't get information out of Security Center this is a good starting point to find out if anything is amiss. You can download it (free) from http://home.mcafee.com/store/Product.aspx?productid=mss

          I have it on my desktop and use it occasionally; there is a useful Help section (click on Help at top right).


          Second, run MVT (the Virtual Technician) and see if everything's there that should be there. If you don't already have it, I found a place to download it at http://www.mcafee.com/us/small/downloads/free_tools/ (for some reason it's hard to find in Home & Home Office.) It should tell you if your DAT file is out of date (it might be). One of the updates may have failed and left the Security Center programs incomplete or corrupted; if that's the case you can uninstall from Windows using the Add/Remove Programs list, and/or by using mcpr.exe. If you do that, check that all the registry entries are deleted before you re-install.


          In other similar cases this problem has been caused by the use of a beta browser. If yours is IE9, that may be the cause. If you're using IE8 or another browser, make sure that the browser has all the latest updates; also check Java for updates if you have it on your system, and Windows for all the latest updates (including the non-critical ones). When all these are up to date we can zero in on any McAfee problems.


          I'm not sure about the Desktop Gadgets. You mean the Google ones? That may be a separate issue.

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            Thanks for the response.


            Looks like I was able to resolved the issue over the weekend. It appears like the cause of the problem was a Virus / Malware.


            I was able to load and run Spybot, in a round-about way, into the computer, which found  2 issues. Once repaired, I was able to reinstall McAfee and run a virus scan. Everything looks good now, and the desktop gadgets are also back to normal.



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              Oh good. I'm glad to hear that it's all been resolved. Spybot's pretty good at finding malware, but I keep it in reserve for emergencies. Could you mark this one as Answered, then none of the others need pick it up. Let us know if you have anything else you need help on.