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    Adobe Reader X Protected Mode Not Compatible with VSE 8.7?

      I just downloaded and installed Adobe Reader X to my PC and was keen on the new Protected Mode feature that comes with it. After installing it and launching Reader X, I get a message that Adobe Reader cannot open in Protected Mode because of my system's configuration. From Adobe's web site (http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/860/cpsid_86063.html), it indicates VirusScan could cause Reader X to not open in Protected Mode.


      I did a quick test by disabling Buffer Overflow Protection in VSE 8.7 and confirmed Adobe opened and I'll guess it was running in Protected Mode. Re-enabled Buffer Overflow Protection and Reader X would display the prompt.


      While I am assuming I could add Adobe Reader X's process to the Buffer Overflow Protection exclusion list, is this a recommended practice given Adobe Reader's numerous vulnerability issues and/or is McAfee working on something to correct this issue?





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