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    How to allow users to enable/disable the On-Access Scanner in v8.7.0i

      I'm filling in for another admin who usually does our Antivirus and am having trouble changing the ability of our users to enable/disable the On-Access Scanner from their VirusScan Console.


      It seems a policy has changed recently because a few months ago on our servers or workstations, we could temporarily disable the Scanner by clicking the red square icon in the Console.  Now the square Stop button (as well as the green Go arrow) are both greyed out for all workstations and servers.


      I have looked all through the Policy Catalog on the McAfee server and cannot figure out where the option is to change this behavior.  I can see where to add exclusions and such for the Scanner, but not how to prevent or enable users from turnign the scanner on and off.


      Any help greatly appreciated!  Am pulling my hair out ...