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    Mouse not working in preboot of EEPC 6 on Dell Optiplex 580



      We have an issue with Endpoint Encryption 6 and Dell Optiplex 580's.


      In the preboot screen, the mouse is not working, you can see the cursor. But it is not moving when you move the mouse.

      This happends on all Dell Optiplex 580 desktops. Both with the disk encrypted and decrypted.


      We are currently using EPO 4.5.0 (Build: 937)

      Endpoint Encryption Agent for Windows - 1.0.2

      Endpoint Encryption for PC - 6.0.2

      McAfee Agent


      Earlier we used 6.0.1 and had the same issue then.


      Anyone seen this before?

      Maybe got a resolution as well?





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