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    How to configure time period active rule?



      How to configure the time period for active a rule in McAfee Web Gateway 7? (Ex: I need to active 1 rule in MWG 7 from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM)?



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          Hello Huy,


          DateTime.* is your friend.

          Not sure if you ever have recognized the Search function in the gui for properties. In case you need to select a property, you can just click on search, which will allow you to search of a term in the in the properties. In our case, I searched for time, you could have also searched for hour. This will then display all matching properties with a descriptive text.





          Based on that I built a rule in which I am simply saying that the hour has to be >6 and <17 which means that 7:00:00 until 16:59:59 is included. (sample attached)






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            Hi Michael,


            The rule created as suggested above but in the "action"  tab the action "continue" is only allowing the websites and never blocking them and if we user "block" (url blocked) it is blocking them only.

            is any following rule we have to make for this please reply.