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    McAfee Virtual Appliance 8.0


      Good night everyone!

      You have someone from the Virtual Appliance 8.0 running to handle the traffic from one physical network? Or just to handle the traffic that is directed to the virtual machines?

      I wonder if there is this possibility of the virtual firewall to make this service is an example for clarity:

      Grateful now.

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          If you're asking if the virtual firewall can process traffic from your physical Internal and DMZ burbs there in the picture, yes it can.


          The ESX server has physical ports connected to those two networks.  These ESX physical ports have 'virtual switches' inside the ESX software.


          Using the ESX GUI you would connect the firewall's virtual external interface to the virtual switch that is 'connected' to the physical external interface of the ESX machine.  You do the same thing for the internal interface.


          Is that what you're asking?

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            Good morning sliedl,

            Yes, this is it, then I must first configure the ESX court documents of virutal appliance correct?

            Execute the procedure and inform you if it worked properly.

            Thank you.

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              Another thing is this, in figure two Internet links interconnected in a switch or even a router, two links are static ip, by setting alias for each link is possible that this structure works?

              Grateful now.

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                You can only have one default route on the Sidewinder.  If you're looking to utilize two different Internet uplinks for load distribution (send some 'net traffic to one link, some to the other), no, that won't work.  You can connect to both the networks and send traffic to them of course, but you can't load-balance between them.


                You weren't asking about load-balancing specifically, but that's what most people are asking about when they talk about two Internet links.  Is that what you meant?

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                  Actually I would like to connect up to three Internet links, but for OUTBOUND traffic I will use only the main route and the secondary route (up to 2 links) and use both these links and the third for INBOUND traffic, is this possible? Using multiple Internet links for INBOUND traffic and up to two links (primary route and alternate route) for outbound traffic.

                  Grateful now.

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                    Yes, you can have a primary default route and an alternate default route.  The alternate route will ONLY be used if the default route goes down (you either ping the default route or some device behind the router to determine if the default route is down).  If the default route goes down traffic will flow through the alternate default route.  When the default route come back up traffic will NOT flow to the default router until the administrator manually switches the routes back.


                    The inbound traffic is fine because it will be routed back out that interface that it arrived on (the INBOUND interface).