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    Recurrent "Real-Time scanning is off" -- frustrating -- no solution!

      I just bought McAffee for my brand new PC. I have the latest software installed, and yet McAffee keeps prompting


      "Real-Time scanning is off" The turn on button does not work.


      Extremely poor documentation. No access to online or phone support.


      How can McAffee be so irresponsible? It took my money immediately, yet it does not offer a working product neither a way to solve the problem, or a way to reach the company.


      I have done everything correctly and yet my computer is exposed to viruses. This is criminal. A fraud.


      I am totally frustrated by this experience.


      I publicly request that someone from McAffee contact me to solve this problem.


      See my account for email and/or phone number.


      Professor Patrick Yanez

      State University of New York (SUNY)


      Today's date: November 18, 2010.