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    2nd Agent Handler to only serve internet based clients?

      I have deployed a 2nd agent handler for the purpose of  serving policy and definition updates to users who may be working from home or on sites that are not connected to our internal WAN.


      We have several sites that are on cable/DSL connections that are not connected to our WAN by any means.  We also have many users who at any given time may be working from home without a VPN.


      Is it possible to configure the assignment rules for the Agent Handlers to have anyone in our internal WAN talk only to the ePO application server, and then if they are not located in our internal WAN ip space, have them talk to our agent handler?  If so, how?


      In the Handler assignment rules, I can create a new assignment; for the system tree location I can say "My Organization", and then specify the IP ranges in slash notation that I wish to serve with the ePO server.


      Then I can create a new assignment rule that will apply to any address inbound from the internet?  I'm not sure how to do that...


      Thanks in advance.