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    Has anyone used Email Gateway/Ironmail with Symantec DLP and PGP?


      We are looking to set up Ironmail to route messages to a DLP (Data Loss Prevention) server.  The DLP server will scan the messages and determine if they should be encrypted.  The DLP server will then add a two new fields, indicating whether the message has been scanned, and also whether it needs to be encrypted.  The DLP server will then route the messages back to Ironmail, and Ironmail will either route the message to the Internet directly, or if DLP has added the field to indicate the message needs to be encrypted, it will route it to a PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) server, where the recipient can retries the message.


      Has anyone implemented anything like this?  I'm looking through the documentation, but a real-life implementation that someone has done would be useful.



      Robert Schergen