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    Recategorizing a site

      How can I go about changing the category of a certain site in MWG 7? We have a site that is for a contractor who builds levees and MWG blocks the site by category of weapons.

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          If you feel the site is mis-categorized and need to be reviewed by the web analyists, submit the URL to TrustedSource.org and make a site suggestion. They will look at it and update the database.



          If you register your email address on the site, you can track the request submissions and be notified of the results.


          Does the contractor build levees and bunkers too?  Maybe they have something in their work scope that has an over-arching weapons component? Just a guess.


          Of course, if you need to override the categories yourself, just to get them through, you can create rules to Stop Rule Set on the URL.Host.


          If you truly want to change the domain to a category more to your liking permanently, you can add it to the extended list and select your preferred category. This will override any that the TrustedSource database defines and overlay yours on top of it.


          Finally, if the site has multile categories and you want one to take precedence over the other, you can exempt category. For example if site.domain.com is classified as both "Business" and "Weapons", but you want anything with "Business" to be allowed regardless of the other categories it may contain, thenu you can put a rule above the other that state URL.Categories contains Business: Stop Rule Set.


          It will check for the business site first, and not get down to the Weapons block on the rules below.


          This is common with other combo categories, like Education+Sexual Material for older students in a school.

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            Thanks. I don't believe they do anything that would overlap with making weapons and it does show up as only the one category. I have submitted it to trusted source and will exclude it until I hear back from them.

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              So what is the best way to recategorizing a site.  I am a hospital and medical staff to to look a body parts.  Is creating a global white list the way to go and maybe putting it lower down on the rules( on the right)?   My goal is to grant access quickly to site, after i look at it, and also make sure that the site is still getting scanned.  What is the better way?

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                The best quick way to do it would probably be to add an extended list like Erik was saying. If you look under   Policy > Settings > TrustedSource > Default   there is a place to add an extended list in the top of the main window. Here, you can add a URL, tell it which protocols to apply it to and then assign categories to that particular URL. By default, I believe it will use the categories you select here for the URL instead of what the TrustedSource library has set.


                If you white listed a site, it would bypass the malware scanning rules unless your rules are set in a way that whitelisted sites could be scanned. With the extended list, the site still follows normal flow and is checked for viruses and whatnot.



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                  That worked great.  My question with this, is how do i create custom category.  What i did was assign my site to User defined categories/ user defined category 1.


                  I would like to have a category that is more meaningful to my company.


                  Is there any down site from using a extended list?

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                    I believe what you did is exactly how you "create" a custom category. I am not sure if you can change the name of it or not but I believe you could at least put notes in the comment section describing what the category is for.


                    The only downside I can think of would be purely management based. For instance, if you recategorized a site to allow it and then later allowed the original category but then changed your mind and wanted to block it all again, you would have to remove the site from the extended list so that it could follow the rules for the TrustedSource category list.

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                      The downside is the naming of the category. The logs and reports will come out as:  "User defined category 1"


                      They are planning on making the names configurable, but I don't know when.


                      In the meantime, you can modify the logs manually before they are written like so:


                      Access Log
                      [Log handler for writing the access log.]
                      Applies to Requests: False / Responses: False / Embedded Objects: False
                      EnabledChange User-Defined Category Names
                      ContinueSet User-Defined.CategoryNames = List.OfCategory.ToString(URL.Categories)
                      Set User-Defined.CategoryNames = String.ReplaceAll(User-Defined.CategoryNames,"User defined category 1","MyCustomCategory")
                      Set User-Defined.CategoryNames = String.ReplaceAll(User-Defined.CategoryNames,"User defined category 2","My Other custom category")
                      EnabledWrite access.log
                      ContinueSet User-Defined.logLine =
                           DateTime.ToWebReporterString +
                           " "" +
                           Authentication.UserName +
                           "" " +
                           String.ReplaceIfEquals(IP.ToString(Client.IP),"","-") +
                           " " +
                           String.ReplaceIfEquals(Number.ToString(Response.StatusCode),"","-") +
                           " "" +
                           Request.Header.FirstLine +
                           "" "" +
                          User-Defined.CategoryNames +
                           "" "" +
                           String.ReplaceIfEquals(URL.ReputationString,"","-") +
                           "" "" +
                           MediaType.ToString(MediaType.FromHeader) +
                           "" " +
                           String.ReplaceIfEquals(Number.ToString(Body.Size),"","-") +
                           " "" +
                           Header.Get("User-Agent") +
                           "" "" +
                           List.OfString.ToString(Antimalware.VirusNames) +
                           "" "" +
                           Number.ToString(Block.ID) +
                      FileSystemLogging.WriteLogEntry(User-Defined.logLine)<Access Log Configuration>

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                        Not sure it i will do the modifing. I like the extended list, but if i do a white list and move it to the top of my rules would this do the same thing as an extended list and if so what would be the down side to a global list at the top.  Again Thank you for your help.

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                          Can I also use the extended list for unverified sites to let them thru?  I currently have a unverified rule.  Criteria: URL.IsUnverified equals true with Stop Rule Set. This is at the the top of my rules in "Category Content Filter".

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