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    Trojan Exploit-CVE2010-0094

      Anyone know how to get rid of this trojan. Please help.

      I also have a screen popping up with Flipopia.exe that I can rid off.



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          Flipopia.exe Can't get rid off. ... I need to get rid off.

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            hey mamaliga,


               I've just done some looking in to about flipopia.exe, and you'll need to disable your restore points or it will just keep coming back. Here are the steps to disable system restore:




            After that is disabled, make sure your virus DAT file is up to date and everything is green inside McAfee SecurityCenter, then run a scan (right-click the M icon, scan now). This threat is detected as Artemis!B233ABEEB93E. It will probably require a restart after scanning.


            It's very common for threats to load themselves into your system restore points. This makes them harder to clean, and allows them to just keep reinfecting the computer.

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              You always should disable the system restore when you want to get rid of something so it can not come back. So check out this link on how to do that if you don't know how.


              I a computer tech and I have come across Flipopia serveral times now and every time it has been an easy fix. It is basically adware that reads a webpage that you are on and pops-up another window advertising some realted product. Here is a link on the step by step how to remove it.


              Basically you remove it through add/remove programs. I have never had to do anything different. If you don't have admin rights to your PC, you might require someone that does.