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    Windows freezing since uprade to new user interface

      Hi, Recently my McAfee upgraded to the new user interface and ever since has contiued to crash my computer leaving a hard re-boot as the only option. Having done some reseearch on the net I have seen a few suggestions such as turning off Windows defender  (which previously never caused a problem) or that it might be a conflict between my Virus Scan engine and the virus definitiion file. Neither of which I know how to check what version they are or how to update if they have not updated automatically.


      Having restored my system to a point a week ago when the old version was running, my computer ran fine but then it automatically upgraded to the new user interface and the problem re-appeared in minutes. It seems a lot of people are having this problem surely McAfee must recognise its and issue and release a patch to cure it!


      For information-


      My system is Windows Vista (SP2 I believe)

      The McAfee comes free with our subscription to O2 broadband and was installed from a disc

      We use Windows Explorer as our browser


      Any help to sort this issue would be great!

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          Hey Nick269, here are 2 images to show you how to check what version (dat) you have.When you open the 2nd image this is where you can get most of your info.Also you can click on most of the items on the interface and they will open up.I had a problem the other day a scan ran that was schedueled to run about 14 hrs. later.I could not even cancel the scan.I had to force a shut down.Are most of the problems when you 1st log on?I know on my computer i have to wait a few.It seems like windows and Mcafee fight when logging on.It my have to do with the real time scanners??

          I am sure someone with more knowledge will help you with your other issues.Have you opened up task manager to see what is using up all of computers resources?


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            Please confirm the following:


            • What is your computer's configuration, CPU, Memory, Operating System (include service pack), right click on My Computer> Click on Properties to see all those information
            • Do you have any other security programs installed in your computer? (apart from Windows Defender)
            • When exactly the computer is sluggish, is it when you restart (or) when you try to work on some programs
            • How do you install Windows Updates automatically (or) manual.
            • Recently did you come across with any weird popups (or) webpage redirect in your computer
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              Windows Vista Home Basic Service Pack 2

              Its a dell inspiron 1545 with a 2.16Ghz processor and 3GB ram.


              The computer isn't sluggish it completely freezes and you can't do anything even call up the task manager so you have to do a hard reboot by holding the power button down. This happens as soon as you seem try and run anything particular internet explorer. We only really use the laptop for internet browsing. I have also noticed that internet explorer is particularly slow when it works but this generally crashes with in a few minutes of being up and running. The funny thing is when I restart in safe mode and the real time scanning is disable it seems to run fine.


              No other antivirus or security programs  other than defender, windows updates are automatically downloaded. Not had any weird pop-ups or redirection.


              It seems clearly linked to the new version of McAfee on my system but I dont understand why?


              The Virus scan dat version is 6167 and the engine version is 5400.1158. Are they the correct versions?


              Thanks for your help.

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                Thank you so much for the information, could you please reply back to my private message in order to proceed further on this...