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    Automatic updates not loading. Computer at risk!

      Hi and thank you for your help.


      PRINCIPLE PROBLEM: Automatic updates are not loading properly. Computer at risk!


      The automatic updates is not working properly and the "notice" reads something to the effect of "Computer at risk". I've been through the support center and chat center but have been unable to resolve the problem. Attempts to create a chat session continue to abort and the "stock photo" of an apparant call center helper on the se


      The McAfee Virtual Technician does not seem to operate.


      I've completed registration fields and collected over 8 chat confirmation numbers in 10 days but have been unable to establish a chat session to assist. (Pop ups are set to allowed.)

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          Sorry for the inconvenience caused, please clarify the following:


          1.    What is your Operating System (include service pack details as well)?

          2.    How was the McAfee programs installed to the computer, through website or disk?

          3.    What type of internet connection are you using? (cable, dsl….)

          4.    What type of web browser are you using? (firefox, internet explorer…) if it’s internet explorer then what’s the version?

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            Many thanks for offering to help out.


            1. Windows XP Home 5.1 build 2600.xpsp_sp3_gdr.100427-1636 Service Pack 3.

            2. Original McAfee product factory installed trial with Dell. Subsequent subscription installed by internet.

            3. dsl

            4. Internet explorer. 7.0.6000.17091


            Thank you.

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              Thanks for the information provided, please try the following and let me know the status.


              • Open Internet Explorer> Click on Tools> Internet Options> Advanced> Click on Reset> Click on Ok to close it
              • Click on Start> Run> Type Temp> Click Ok> try to delete all the temporary files over there and close the folder (you may have to ignore few due to access error)
              • Click on this Update Tool, run it, reboot the computer and try updating the McAfee programs
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                Hi Aldrin,

                Many thanks for your suggestions.


                I reset Explorer and deleted over 5,000 temporary files as suggested.


                I then attempted to apply the patch but the standard Explorer "Internet Explorer cannot disply the webpage" message come up. I have recently installed Firefox and I pasted the link on the URL field. The similar message came up.


                Thanks again. Any further suggestions are welcome.

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                  Please open McAfee Security Center> Click on Navigation on the right top> Click on About on the left panel> Please check the version details of the McAfee Programs and mention them over here.... Thanks

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                    Many thanks for staying on the case. Information is attached below:



                    Version: 10.5

                    build 10.5.204

                    Affld: 105




                    Virus Scan

                    Version: 14.5

                    Build: 14.5.113

                    Update: 10/22/2010

                    DAT version: 6144

                    DAT Creation: 10/22/2010


                    Version: 11.5

                    Build: 11.5.135

                    update: 9/16/2010


                    McAfee SiteAdvisor

                    Version: 3.2


                    Affld: 0





                    Version: 11.5

                    Build: 11.5.131

                    update: 10/22/2010

                    Content Version: 3682

                    update: 11/17/2010

                    Engine Version:


                    Parental Controls:

                    Version: 12.5

                    Build: 12.5.111

                    update: 9/16/2010


                    Quickclean and shredder

                    Version: 10.5

                    Build: 10.5.108

                    update: 9/16/2010

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                      Thank you so much for the information. I would suggest you to click on the Useful Links on top of this page and contact our Technical Support Team who could be glad to assist you further on this issue.

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                        Hi Aldrin,

                        I've been to this site on several occasions and the chat session does not properly load. I get the standard, "Explorer cannot load this page" message. In addition, the virtual technician feature does not appear to load properly.


                        Please direct me to the appropriate McAfee access means so that I can receive free technical support.


                        My subsciption has considerable time remaining on the contract. Thank you for your help as I attempt to continue benefitting from the McAfee service.

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                          Alright, so we weren't able to connect with chat, run MVT or get updates for the McAfee programs !!! So now I guess there might be something seriously wrong with your internet connection.


                          Click on Start> Click Run> Type Drivers> Open etc folder> Open hosts file by using notepad, make sure the hosts file doesnt' not have any additional information added below Local host (I have enclosed a screenshot of sample hosts file herewith)




                          Click on Start> Click Run> Type cmd> Type IPConfig /flushdns> Hit Enter. Open Internet Explorer> Tools> Internet Options> Connections> LAN Settings> if you find anything selected, uncheck them> Click ok to close it.



                          Reboot the computer and check the status, also if you are using a Wireless connection then try to connect the cable as hard wired and then check for updates

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