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    How to find the infected files


      Hello everybody,


      I'm a new user of McAfee, my version is in German but I'll translate it as good as I can.


      My question is faily simple: In the last scan, McAfee found one file with a trojan, which McAfee successfully removed. However, I can't seem to bringt McAfee to show me what file it was. I can bringt McAfee as far as showing me a summary of all scans performed since its installation. It doesn't say where the trojan was found and there's nothing to click on in that list.


      This is extremely important to me, since I'm sharing many folders with other computers that run other Antivirus software. I need to know if the virus was found in one of these shared folders.


      As this is a very basic funktion, I'm probably just missing some button - though I did look everywhere...


      Many thanks ahead for your help!

      Yoav Sapir, Berlin