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    System Mechanics v. 10 copatibility problems

      Does anyone else have compatibility problems with McAfee and System Mechanics v.10?  Just purchased and installed System Mechanics and everytime I attempt to run their deep Registry Repair, System Mechanics deletes all McAfee communitions paths and many of its files.  Have to go back to an earlier restore point to reactivate McAfee and in several attempts, I have had to delete McAfee, download the program, and then re-download the updates.

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          Peter M

          After years of trial and error I would no longer recommend any Registry cleaner or optimizer to anyone.   They invariably clean up good files along with the garbage.   That's the risk you take using them.

          It's debatable if any gain in peformance is acheived by using them in any case.  Only use Windows own tools.


          If you want to improve your system then there are more sure ways such as more memory, bigger hard drive etc.


          However, if you want to continue using a registry cleaner then choose one that has a restore feature should anything go wrong, and one that has the ability to ignore selected files.



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