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    MWG7 - Cannot change/save configuration


      Hi again.


      This new version is giving me some headaches.


      Since yesterday, and without doing anything for almost a week, my collegue needed to add some exceptions to facebook (another issue we are getting, users can't update their profiles) and when he clicked the save configuration, it returned the following message (From Java):


      Error saving data: com.seur.k.app.exceptions.KClientServerException: Overall Status "Status_Error_Rollback":rollback performed Node "44454C4C-4D00-1047-8054-B2C04F374A31" reports STATUS_ERROR_ROLLBACK: configuration rejected, peformed local rollback - COORDINATOR: generic io error Node "44454C4C-4B00-1044-804C-B9C04F464A31" reports STATUS_ERROR_ROLLBACK




      I've opened a SR with support but hoppefully this way would be faster.


      Best regards,





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