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    Firewall Reporter v5.1 - Import Old Data Files?


      I recently upgraded a v5 installation of Firewall Reporter to v5.1.  Everything went well except when I came to install v5.1 of the Data Collector, which then prompted me for a password.  I've had Firewall Reporter since v4.6 (pre McAfee days) and couldn't remember setting a password, although I must have.  I spoke to Support who confirmed unfortunately there was no way of resetting the password and I had to uninstall completely and reinstall v5.1 fresh.


      Everything is now up and running on v5.1 and the Datacollector is receiving audits from both firewalls, except I cant find a way to import my old data from the Database and ForensicLogs folders (which Ive kept).  Luckily the Reporter itself was upgraded to v5.1 while all my original data was in place, so in theory any changes to the structure from v5 to v5.1 will be there, so I'm hoping there is a way to just copy my old data directories to the new installation.


      Anyone come across this need before and found a way of importing or moving data between same version installations?

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          MFR does let you copy the files and merge them with the current databases/logs; however there is not an automated process to this. The file structure is not complicated but you can follow the instructions below to copy the files to your current installation.


          Before you attempt any of the steps below make sure to go to services and stop MFR Central and MFRDC services.


          Database restoration

          The database file structure is broken down into Database/year/month/day/<id of the device> or Database/year/month/day/<device group>. When you are merging the data you will have to make sure to copy the proper folders to correct locations.


          ForensicLogs restoration

          The file structure is broke down as such ForensicLogs/year/month/day/Flow/<device ID> and ForensicLogs/year/month/day/MMR/<device ID> and ForensicLogs/year/month/day/Sys/<device ID>. You will again have to copy the folders to the proper locations. 


          If you run into any issues or have further questions please feel free to contact technical support.

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            Thank you very much, worked perfectly.