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    USB issues with EEPC 5.2.4


      I am having issues with certain USB devices and EEPC 5.2.4 when starting the computer up. Windows XP will hang right after EEPC has finished authentication or during the windows logo screen. I do not have any issues with Logitech USB keyboards and mice.


      OS: Windows XP SP3

      HP Desktop Model: dc7100/dc7600/dc7700


      Conflicting Usb devices:

      USB Key /Thumbdrives

      USB external drives

      HP OfficeJet 7500/8500

      Monitors with USB ports


      As a work around we have been asking the user to unplugged all 'other' USB devices from the desktop and allow Windows to boot up properly. How can this issue be resolved without unplugging usb devices?  We did not have this issue with Safeboot 4.2.




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          What did you setup on machine group, that you have created install set from?

          Did you checkmark USB support or not?

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            Options we have enabled include "Do not lock workstation if no user is authenticated", "Allow AutoBoot user to be managed locally" and "Do not display previous user name at logon".


            Best Practices guide suggests leaving "enable boot disk compatibility" as disabled and "always enable pre-boot USB support" as disabled.


            At what point would a USB controller / device depend on  a EEPC setting or managed within the bios?

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              When it finishes pre-boot authentication and tries to start OS. There is infamous USB handback issue on it. Check McAfee KB.

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                We are configured to use 'password only token'.


                Using HP dc7600 desktop (boot order configured as cdrom, diskette, usb device, hdd, nic) I plug in a USB flash drive and turn the computer on, I receive an error message stating 'invalid system disk' and that I am unable to boot from the usb device. I take out the usb flash drive, press any key and continue to sign in to the EEPC Preboot signin screen. I am locking up after completing the Preboot authentication, at this point I should be passed back to Windows.  If the usb drive was configured to boot up with Bart PE, I have no problems booting up with a USB flash drive and no issues with the USB keyboard or mouse. Booting with USB occurs before Endpoint encryption sign in screen. Why would I need to worry about the bios not handing back USB after I have successfully authenticated? Why is there a need to look at the USB device a second time?


                On several machines, if I change the boot order within the bios from cdrom, diskette, usb device, hdd, nic to cdrom, diskette, hdd,usb, nic I no longer have the problem with USB devices such as OfficeJet 7500/8500.