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    EE Agent 1.0.2 Policy controlling EE Agent 1.0.1 during upgrade


      When I check in EE Agent 1.0.2 into the Repository it eliminates the EE Agent 1.0.1 policy settings option in the policy catalog. My question is; will this new EE Agent 1.0.2 policy setting menu be able to control the EE Agent 1.0.1 EE Agents that I have already deployed? I think that the 1.0.2 policy setting would control the 1.0.1 EE Agents but I would like to see if someone can confirm this before I check it into my Production environment. This would be until I have tested the EE Agent 1.0.2 and EEPC 6.0.2 software in my environment and then I will distribute these versions. Thanks.



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