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    managing computers in different Windows domain


      I have ePO 4.5 running on a server in a Windows 2008 Domain, domain A.

      The organisation has an other Windows domain, Domain B, with his own AD Domain controller.

      ePO is running on a non-AD Domain controller in Domain A.

      I added the ip-range of domain B in DNS of Domain A. From the ePO-server I can ping the computers in domain B and I can access the admin shares of these computers. They all are Windows XP (SP3).

      Firewall has ports opened, needed for ePO.

      Both networks are permanently connected by VPN.

      Now I am trying to deploy the McAfee agent to systems in DomainB, from ePO in DomainA

      In the server task log I can see that deploying the agent was successfull.

      Than I ran a WakeUp Agent to get the system properties. Also this task completed successfully. But the computer remains unmanaged . .

      The strange thing: the duration of the Deploy Agent task was 1 minute, the wakeup agent task less than 1 minute. This seems very short to me.


      I created a distributed repository on the Domain controller of Domain B and the update from ePO in Domain A is daily running successfully.


      (I perferred to run an ePO in Domain B but that Domain Controller has an underscore in his name. There is no memberserver).


      Can anyone help me?

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