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    SaaS reverts to "trusted network" after reboot.  Policy is configured for custom network.

      I am running a Windows SBS 2003 server with service pack two installed.   McAfee recently upgraded the Total Protection package to SAAS and consequently broke the server.  I have configured the custom firewall policy and applied it to the server, however when the server reboots each Sunday morning (as well as manual reboots at other times) the firewall reverts to "Trusted Network" until an update is performed manually.


      I would like to have the firewall policy retained through the reboot if possible as we can't rely on the cable company having a network connection available after say ... a thunderstorm when the power is restored.  Yes we have a UPS, but it only lasts about 30 minutes.


      As a consequence of our environment, this latest SaaS product has broken our formerly stable system.


      I would appreciate any ideas that may be offered.