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    False positives ?& other problems

      After months of problems with Mcafee,including the dreaded Mcshield CPU problem.I now have a new list of treats i have encountered.I will start with my biggest problem 1st.I am a musician.Tonight  i paid for then downloaded a program for recording musical compositions.After downloading,I tried to install the program i paid for.I immediately was greated with a Mcafee pop up saying that it detected a Trojan -Artimis.I thought this was odd but figured i would be safe.I deleted the file and downloaded again.This time i ran the file through virus total.Out of the 43 scanners 1 (Panda) said it was a suspicious file.42 others said the file was good.Including Virus totals version of Mcafee??I believe this is a safe file but nowadays i guess you never know.The big question is how do i load this piece of software on my computer after paying for it.Mcafee says it`s a Trojan.At least on my computer.Not at virustotal.I then tried to send to Mcafee with no success.This also has been a Mcafee issue for a while,as i tried to send something 1 month ago and kept getting an error.Does anyone know how to deal with this issue as i have just shelled out $40.00 of my money to use this software mcafee says is no good.I have an image below of the error when sending to Mcafee.This also has not worked for months.Lastly virtual tech keeps saying i have a registry issue.The key seems to be related to e-mail.I have not loaded that version of the software.I will post in a differant spot for other issues if needed.Right now is there a way to load this program i paid for, without triggering what i think is a false possitive?

                                                                                                               Thanks Newjack


      for some reason i can`t post the image.IT says file types not allowed .png,mpeg,mpg,mpe,.qt,mov. Can anyone also tell me how to show screen shot now?I used to be able to use windows snipping tool.



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          OK, I changed to jpeg file and inserted on 1st post.The program is form beatcraft Acoustica.This is drum machine software.This site has been around a while.If anyone wants to try the download,there is a free 7 day trial.I have paid for mine already so i need info on how i can use my paid version with Mcafee security saying this is a Trojan.Again i have paid the $40.00 already.As i have used the trial version a while back and wanted to buy full version.Thanks in advance for any help.Again i am stumped with Mcafee.                    Thanks newjack



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            If anyone could help with this,it would be greatly appreciated.Here is the link to the program i purchased.Mcafee keeps flagging as a trojon.It is a good site i believe(as does site advisor) There is also a free 7 day download.Don`t know if Mcafee flags the trial.At least it did`nt when i had 2009.The file is to big to upload to Avert.Mcafee won`t even let me upload the qaurantined items.It keeps coming up as an error(image above).Here is the link if anyone has the authority to check out the free download that would be great.http://www.acoustica.com/beatcraft/     

                                                                                                                               Thanks newjack

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              Somer, apparantely this is already a known problem with the beatcraft software?At least according to the forum i visited 1 minute ago found here it is.

              So there are others i assume that are waiting for this file to be oked.Here is the link http://demon.acoustica.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?p=27744#27744

              I know this is not your fault.

                                                                                                   Thanks for the help, newjack



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                Hi Somer, Thanks very much for all your help with this issue.I have now downloaded the program and it works fine.No problems with Mcafee going off.I am sure there are a few other people that are happy about this also.As there was a person that said they had submitted a sample.That was pretty fast & i really appreciate you pushing it along.YOU ROCK!(lol)           Thanks newjack