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    ePO4.5 / agent 4.5.  Deployment query.

      I am having problems deploying agent 4.5 machines to XPSP3 machines who connect to our network by VPN.

      I'm not really too sure why.  Unfortunately there are a few different machine builds out in the field.


      95% of machines out in the field don't have admin rights, but they do have McAfee agent 4.0 which was calling in to our old ePo server (destroyed - otherwise I would look at getting the databse off of it and merging with the new one)

      I think I'll end up deploying the agent (4.5) by a startup script.  Any tips?


      additional info:

      current epo server is using server 2008 (32bit).  I tried setting up a Rogue Sensor on the same subnet as the machines get when they connect to the VPN, but it doesn't recognise the leased IP from our RAS.


      any help greatly appreciated