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    Webwasher as an upstream Proxy

      Dear Friends,


      Can someone help me with webwasher configured as upstream proxy to one of ISA Server2006.

      The user authentication is done at ISA (Downstream), but we are not getting proper user mapping at the Webwasher and user although has internet access, gets No Authorization message.






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          Hello Sandeep,


          do you have the Chaining Plugin for ISA Server installed? This is used to send the Username and Groups from the ISA Server to Webwasher. This can be used for mapping on the Web Gateway.


          Please let me know.




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            Hi Andre,


            We do not have a Chining Plugin installed as vendor did not inform us about that.

            Could please guide me how do I download it? Does it require any License?



            Appreciating your support.






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              Hi Sandeep,


              okay, that may explain your problems. Webwasher somehow needs to know who is accessing the proxy. Usually you would configure Webwasher to eprform authentication against Windows Domain or similar, so that Username and Group Memberships become available. In a proxy chain usually the first proxy from a client view (in this case the ISA most likely) performs the authentication. In this case you don't need to configure authentication on Webwasher again, but the ISA can hand over Username and Group Memberships which can then be used by Webwasher for the mapping.


              This is a bit tricky but works pretty well usually. You can grab the plugin from the Extranet:




              You will find it in the "ICAP Clients" section for Webwasher 6.


              You need to import your Webwasher (v6) license into the Plugin. The plugin can act as an ICAP Client or as a "Chaining" Plugin for Proxy Chains. I definitely recommend the chaining. It will then hand over the Username and Group Memberships to Webwasher.


              Please let me know if you have problems downloading the tool.