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    Why do I have to keep reactivating?

      I purchased a 3-user McAfee Total Protection license earlier this year. One I used for my laptop; the two others were for family members. Expiration date is 5-5-2013. Then this August I purchased an Acer netbook. In October, the free McAfee trial was about up, so I purchased a single user Internet Security Suite, with an expiration date of 10/10/2011. That's when the trouble started. I had to send the Acer back to have its hard drive replaced. So, when I got it back, it was telling me I needed to purchase a second subscription. So, I opened a chat message. The person helped me to reinstall it, although there was some confusion about the other 3-user license. I received an email from support telling me the Service Request # was 580418926. Created Date: 10/25/10. I printed out "My protection status" from my account with McAfee. It showed I had one 3-user license, with an expiration date of 5-5-2013, and a single user license with an expiration date of 10-10-2011. Exactly one week later, when I turned on the Acer, it told me my subscription had expired and that I was trying to use 2 computers on one license! And, a message from McAfee on my laptop was telling me it was no longer protected. So, I tried chat again. We went through the whole uninstall and reinstall...it all seemed fine. I received an email from McAfee telling me the Service Request # was 583477379. Created Date: 11/01/10. I also received a follow up from Neo from McAfee, asking if the situation had been resolved, asking me to reply to the email if the problem had been resolved. At that time, it had, and I replied as such. He told me that the reference number was 484570-583485488. However, the following MONDAY (for the third week in a row!) I had the same problem, with messages on both computers saying that my computer was at risk and that I needed to reactivate. I DO NOT have the time to once a week contact chat and talk to someone who really doesn't understand the whole issue, especially since I have paid for both products and am not getting the use out of them that I should. Plus, both computers are UNPROTECTED. So, I did not contact chat again. I did go ahead and reactivate both subscriptions. That worked for a very short period of time. I even took the Acer to work with me to download it off of the wireless (because it takes a lot LESS time than it does at home, as we have a very slow DSL connection, I stayed up for nearly two hours after the chat person helped me through the process of uninstalling and then beginning the reinstalling on the Nov. 1 session). So, I have spent nearly a week seeing the "Your computer is at risk, Reactivate" message on both computers. Today I did the uninstall and reinstall on the laptop. Now, a few hours later,it's giving me the same message that it's at risk, etc. I again took the Acer to work and did the same on it. Last I looked, it was still OK. I apologize for the length of this message, but I feel that I need to explain the situation. What I want to know is: 1) What, if anything, am I doing wrong? 2) What do I need to do to get both products up and running on both computers? 3) What do I need to do to get both products to STAY running on both computers? Until now, I have had no problem with McAfee, but now I am starting to think that I'm wasting my money. I paid for both products; I just want them to work and STAY WORKING! Sorry for yelling. I'm frustrated.