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    Security Center Blank, Not Protected

      Win7/Firefox 3.6.10


      I only update every few weeks, when I get access to hi-speed.

      Yesterday while updating Win7, it messaged that I had no virus

      protection and offered up MSFT Defender, for basic protection.

      (I may have started the Win7 update shortly after starting the

      McAfee update.(screwed the registry?))


      When I pulled up my hidden icons, sure enough McAfee was Xed

      out.  When I clicked the icon a blank screen pops up, with only

      the page top banner.  I closed it and clicked the desktop shortcut

      and a window pops up stating that "McAfee updates are being

      installed in the background.  Please do not shut down or restart

      your computer until the installation is complete.  You will be notified

      when installation is finished."  After an hour wait, I had to shut down

      and go home.


      Today I began to investigate the problem, and tried to reinstall after

      running Win7 Uninstall and MCPR(successful).  But McAfee would

      not download.


      I then Win7 restored to a month ago restore point, which recovered

      McAfee and registry, but the problem persists.  I just found the MVT

      and will download/try that tomorrow(Sun.)


      TIA for any assistance, ideas.

      My subscription is good for another 18 months.



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          Peter M

          Is Win 7 totally up to date with all updates not just criticial ones?


          Are you using by any chance a beta browser?   This sort of thing has happened mostly when people install beta Internet Explorer versions, see THIS link.


          If so ditch it immediately.


          If that's not the case then I suggest contacting Technical Support Chat via Useful Links above.

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            More clues:


            I finally got MVT downloaded and run.  It claims there are no problems

            with the Firewall and the Site Advisor, but Virus Protection is not available.

            When I click on Fix, it takes me to an advert for a McAfee Virus Scan product.


            The output from the MVT scan claims I'm using IE 8.0, which may be factory installed

            on my machine, but never used after I downloaded Firefox in Fall '09.  This could be

            the problem, since MSFT shamelessly updates everything.  See attached file.


            Perhaps I'll try to uninstall/remove IE and then download Security Center again.


            What a PITA!


            TIA for any/all input/ideas.



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              Peter M

              Contact Tecnical Support Chat free of charge through Useful Links above.  They can link with your machine and troubleshoot.

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                Since I restored to 10/7/10 to try and recover a good McAfee install, I had to update

                MSFT to current specs, which I did this a.m.  28 updates totalling approx. 115 MB.


                Still no joy.  Updated Firefox, after MSFT update completed.


                Tried to run MVT again, but it would not.


                Next time I get hi-speed access, I'll try the Chat link you suggest.


                Thanks for your help.



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                  Peter M

                  System Restore will always throw any time reliant application into a turmoil.  Have you tried uninstalling McAfee altogether and then running the MCPR removal too (see Useful Links above), rebooting and reinstalling?


                  Also blank SecurityCenter is usually caused by a beta browser, however you state you don't use one so make sure the one you have is at its defaults.   Make sure that Java is also the latest version.

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                    I ran into this problem as well, on two different systems. Interestingly, I had a couple of others that went through the upgrade to AV Plus just fine. I went through @#%@#$ fixing the first system, but the second one only took me about 15 minutes, and much of that was reboots


                    Here's what I did:


                    • Rebooted the system to get to a clean start
                    • Ran MCPR.EXE, available from the McAfee website
                    • Rebooted
                    • Installed using DMSetup.exe. Sorry, I don't have a pointer to this, but found it after I logged into my McAfee account via web browser.
                    • Rebooted


                    That's it! Sorry I don't have the links for MCPR and DMSetup, hopefully one of the McAfee folks on here can provide these.



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                      Thanks for all of the help, guys.  The problem was solved by Tech Support and all is well.


                      There were a couple of problems:


                      1) My dial-up connection was too slow, and downloading DMSetup.exe never completed, and so couldn't run

                      2) McAfeeTech Support installed a new(er) version of the Security Center, after running through the steps bls noted


                      The method bls documented is the same as my plan and which Tech Support used, but my dial-up connection caused

                      a time out on downloading of DMSetup.exe .  I went to my wi-fi access location and Tech Support used Citrix to take

                      control of my machine.  As I watched the McAfee tech guy work I could see that he was following the method I planned

                      to use, and which bls documented.  It took about 45 minutes for Tech Support to get everything in order on the hi-speed



                      Thanks again for everyone's help.



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                        Peter M

                        Glad you are OK ;-)