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      I did hear that HF5 would be released sometime in November/December.  Any dates yet ???

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          The latest that we have heard is it should go into controlled release sometime between the end of Novenber and the middle of December.  Controlled release usually lasts 2+ weeks before  the final verion gets released.

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            I've been told that it will start on 15th December. I've added my Lab appliance to the list.



            Wayen Raworth

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              Have you gotten this yet?  I am waiting for it to and was supposed to get an email when it was available. Nothing yet.



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                I'm afraid not. I've sent off an email to a support contact asking if it's been delayed.

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                  We did start offering it to some customers on the 15th, but my understanding is that not all have recieved the offer yet.

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                    I just got notification from one of my many incidents that have been waiting for Hotfix 5.  Looking forward to testing this one out.

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                      I received notification today as well. Interesting to see that they've updated the TLS/SSL section to allow an upload from a file which will save some time.

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                        I got HF5 installed on one of my ironmails and had a bizarre thing happen within CLI. I could not access the CLI with any of my IDs. I actually had to change the password within the GUI, then I was able to login with no problems.  Could be that I haven't changed my passwords in a while, so maybe somehow there was a expiration/date check within CLI even though it allowed me to login via GUI.  I checked the password policy section and did not have anything configured.  Just and FYI in case someone has an issue accessing CLI after HF5.  Or maybe it will just be me!



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                          I used my ID to do the upgrade and when I tried to log back in to Putty, access was denied. I reset my account and all was fine.  I then asked a colleague to log into Putty and the GUI and he had no issue. Might be something to do with the account that's used to do the upgrade gets locked out.

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