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    Report for a false positive



      I have a couple of files, compiled from a source, which are incorrectly detected as a virus bu few antivirus vendors with McAfee amongs them.

      I am struggling for a few weeks to contact McAfee and report for a false positive. Tried email, chat support and webimune.com sites. I keep getting reffered to either of those 3 in a loop.


      Webimune service seems automated, it simply returns that the files are "current detection".

      Email to Avert(r) Labs returns the same.


      Chat support refers me to webimune.com.

      Email support refers me to chat support.


      I've sent similar report to other major antivirus vendors which were detecting those files with the same request and it was straightforward procedure with replies within a day,  confirmation it's a false positive and a note that signatures will be updated.


      What would be the best procedure with McAfee? Does it really have to be that hard or I just cannot find the proper way?

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