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    Kaspersky and McAfee



      All time during few years i  compare detection of Kaspersky, Norton and McAfee


      There' s some differences between those programs.

      For e.g. Kaspersky detect malware on web and block it before pass on PC ! You know?

      McAfee allow malware to pass on PC and from ''temp files'' remove in quarantine.

      What do you think ? What is better ?


      If i download WinRar with virus, McAfee will detect the virus when winrare is opened and run ''set up exe''. Kaspersky will detect the virus immediately when download finished.





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          We understand your concern, but you need to understand that each and every security programs has its own style of picking up the infected files. Moreover, no security (anti-virus) programs are 100% perfect, also everyday there are millions of malware outbreaks happening in the world. So the time to make a decision on a file as infection would definitely vary due their database (or) virus signature files update timings.

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            Thanks for answer


            definetly i do understand different style of picking up infected files.

            For me proactive defence is on first place. McAfee has good detection and i proved it in many situations.


            Can you tell me your advise, i would  like to know it. which is the best recommendation, your opinion ?

            what all i need to install on my pc for full protection ? You can write on my personal mail if make problem here?



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              If the On-Access settings of an antivirus is configured by default to scan inside archives (zip, rar etc), detection will occur on the files inside the archive.


              Else only when the archive contents are extracted to disk will the On-Access scanner attempt to scan the files. From your above experiment, it appears that Kaspersky scans inside of rar archives by default.


              Antivirus vendors tend to disable On-Access scanning inside archives for performance reasons without comprising system security as the moment the contents are extracted or executed - they will anyways get scanned. Scanning inside of archives is usually enabled for On-Demand scans.