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    Win 7 x86 --- Viruscan 8.7i enterprise Patch4




      A user in our company got a new computer. We have installed Win7 x86 enteprise and Mcafee Agent and Viruscan Enterprise 8.7i with patch 4.

      This user is having a problem that WIN7 action server randomly appears a message that Virusscan is turned off. I googled a little and saw that this was suppouse to be solved with patch 4 for Virusscan but apparentlly it didn't.

      I made a workaround for this time soo action center does not sends this messages to user, but the question is if this message is real? Does Viruscan really stops working in Win7 environment? If it does, this is a big security issues.

      Have you managed to figure it out why is this happening? Is there any new patch available to solve this issue?


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