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    How do i create a conditioned report?

      I only need do know if the repositories are NOT in sync to a certain time (sheduled report)

      Today i get an scheduled report of the syncstatus of the repositories.
      99% of the sync´s are well done, and i get a (unnecessary) report of it.   
      I only need to know the faild sync with detail informations....

      So the question is, how can i create an 'conditioned report' which only sends a report of failed Sync status.

      any idea’s ?? documents????

      ePO 4.5 SP 3
      McAfee Agent for Windows 4.5 SP 1
      McAfee Agent for Linux 4.5
      VSE 8.5i SP 8
      VSE 8.7i SP 4
      LinuxShield 1.6
      GroupShield for Exchange 6.03
      GroupShield for Exchange 7.01
      GroupShield for Exchange 7.02 (Exchange 2010, eval)
      HIP 7 SP 8

      DLP Suite (eval)

      thankx mas59



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