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    EEPC 6.0.x Version Reporting


      I still find it troubling that there is no way in EPO to tell which version of EEPC software I am running on my machines. I know that it reports the EE Agent version but how would I tell which version of the EEPC software is running without actually looking at the machine? I did notice that there are fields in the EPO queries for this information but it does not appear (shown in attached screen shot). Does anyone have a solution or way around this?



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          I've noticed the same behavior.

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            I usually ask this question every time I open a McAfee support case and get the same response that the product was not designed that way. One tech support person told me I could check to see if my upgrade from 6.0.1 to 6.0.2 was successful by checking the Deployment Task log. This is true and may work for low numbers of machines but I eventually want this product on ~3000 machines. It just seems logical that ePO would be able to report this information.  I have submitted a product enhancement request but I thought someone might know of a way to get this to work. I am glad that someone else sees this as a problem!

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              I have the same problem. We have installed in our laptops the EEPC 5.1.7 and I would like to upgrade to 6, but I won't do it until I could know the version of the EEPC.


              I have read that the new release 6.1 will have an option to migrate versions, so I suppose that the one of the feaure of the version could be to know the version that is installed.