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    ups email failed delivery

      We are in Australia and were expecting a delivery from UPS. Yesterday, 10 Nov 2010 I received a delivery failure email via yahoo with an attachment. At the time the Norton checker in Yahoo did not detect anything.


      Also our mcafee security centre version 10.5 with build 10.5.216. This has virus scan version 14.5 with the latest DAT file did not detect anything.


      This is the email text: DHL Delivery Problem No97656
      From: DHL Express Services <usps.no.5562@dhl.com>
      The attachment is: DHL_mailing_label_id.N62410.zip


      So thinking it was safe I detached the file and double click it. It created a folder with nothing in it and it hit me that it may be a fake email.


      I full scanned again and security centre did not find anything. Today it updated the dat file and again I did a full scan I did not find anything. I am using Windoes Vista with all the recent patches. I don't know what damage double clicking this file did.


      Did someone experience the same issue with McAfee security centre? Did I just loaded a virus, if so then can anyone help with removing this since Mcafee still did not detect anything.


      I saved the email and when I go to yahoo and tried to download the same file again today, it has detected that this is a virus via Norton virus checker. It did not say which virus it is though.