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    Computer Freezes While in Scan and Reboots

      My Windows XP SP3 freezes during a scan (quick or full). In all cases this happens when the directory being scanned is System32.

      In most cases it would hiccup on autoconv.exe file. The computer stops working (e.g. the clock is not updating), and restarts.

      The end result I cannot scan for viruses.


      PS: The Virtual Technician did not find any issue.

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          autoconv.exe is a module associated with Auto File System Conversion Utility from Microsoft Corporation. Since this file is part of Microsoft® Windows® Operating System, first I would strongly recommend you to have this checked with your computer manufacturer in order to make sure it’s not corrupted and in readable format for McAfee to scan

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            have it checked with your computer manufacturer in order to make sure it’s not corrupted and in readable format


            reading your answer I have a feeling I am dealing with lawyers here. You want me to shell hundreds of $ to fix a $30 McAfee, do you?

            Reformat may be the cheapest option of all if you want to push me to these extremes.


            To answer your question: if I right-click on the file and choose scan I can scan it no problem and no treat is found.


            How can you explain this?


            Should I then may be get the same file from another computer and replace it on mine?


            Let's be creative!



            on 11/11/10 10:05:50 AM CST
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              I’m sorry Arthur, I guess you have misunderstood my question. I did ask you to check with your computer manufacturer to make sure whether the file is good and NOT to reformat your computer.


              Well, it’s not recommended to transfer the same file from some other computer rather you shall try this as a workaround.


              ·         Navigate to C:\Windows\System32, right click on autoconv.exe select rename and rename it to autoconv.exe.old – Click Yes to change it

              ·         Press F5 key in your keyboard, check whether you have got a new autoconv.exe file automatically regenerated (from system file recovery)

              ·         If yes, delete the renamed one (autoconv.exe.old) and reboot the computer.

              ·         Run a full scan and confirm the status

              ·         If no new file is created then make sure you rename back the file to its old name


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                Thank you Adrin, but as soon as I get into the System32 directory my computer freezes.

                It then waits for about 2 minutes and restarts.

                So I have been unable to perform the first step.

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                  Hey arthurz, I am sure Aldrin will be here to help you soon.I am going to guess that you are having a similar problem that i have.When scanning with Mcafee if you look in your task manager (under processes) look for Mcshield.exe or it may be 1 of the other mcafee processes.I have a new computer and it still maxes all the cpu when scanning some files.System 32 being 1 of them.Aldrin helped me a few weeks back.He did help a bit & did everything i`m sure he could do at the time.But to me i still think it takes up way to much of the system resources.With a new computer,if a scan goes off while i am on the Internet.The computer locks up.good luck.Check the task manager,unless you are feeling wiery about it.I would wait for Aldrin or someone with the same expertise.

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                    There are two possibilities which may cause this issue:-


                    1. Either some of your Operating System (Windows) files are not functioning correctly (or) it may be corrupted

                    2. The computer may be infected with some hidden Malware


                    The best suggestion would be, please click on the Useful Links on the top of this page and contact our Technical Support Team who can assist you further on this. Thanks



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                      Situation #1 stems from #2 I 'd deduce.


                      How I resolved my issues:


                      1. Because the file could not be renamed I booted with pressing F8 and went to the Safe Mode;
                      2. Navigated to the offending file and deleted it (in hope like you said it will be restored by the OS, in fact this has never happened);
                      3. Restarted again and this time proceeded with the "normal" boot.


                      I then successfully completed a full computer scan and now after so many days (and a number of full and quick scans) I am confident the situation has been resolved.

                      Besides, my computer works w/o the file just fine.


                      Thank you for your time.

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                        Interesting that a normal all-files scan stopped in mid-flow when it got that file but you could select it and use the right-click scan option to examine it without any difficulty ....


                        Too late now to have it isolated for examination, but at least everything's back to normal, which is good.


                        As you've got XP (like me) I would suggest that you might want to run sfc from the Run command in Start. The command is "sfc /scannow", or "sfc /scanonce" to have it done next time you restart. There is just a possibility that the file was in some way corrupted, in which case others may be also. sfc will replace any damaged or missing system files from the backup store. It takes a while to check them all, but it's a useful tool to have in cases like these.

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                          Good to know you got them fixed.


                          Moreover, since you have mentioned as the deleted file has not recreated back, while you perform a sfc /scannow there are chances where the computer might prompt you to insert the Operating System disk in order to restore back the deleted file