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    Windows Defender and McAfee Security conflict problems

      Windows Defender and McAfee Security conflict?

      Some months ago My HP laptop suddenly made a plaintive squeak and died or so I thought. I realised there was a strange glow from the now blank screen. Eventually I turned it off after trying to restart it,then started my quest for information as to what had happened. Nearly everyone I spoke to concluded the graphics card had died even, an HP technician on the helpline.When I was told the repair could cost £200 I became depressed and stuffed the laptop in a case hiding it in a corner and going back to the old steam driven time machine embarked on another adventure. But that is a different story.

      Recently I sent the laptop to the workshop of the brother of one of my friends in a vain hope of help. When it came back I took it out of the case blew all the dust out of every cavity I could open and switched on, not really expecting anything but the backlit blank screen. Miracles the machine started normally. How clever of me I thought and bragged to all my friends how I had cured the ill machine.  A scan started automatically. Nothing was found.  When discussing the problem, the following day, with my friend she mentioned security conflicts can cause problems. At this time Windows Defender had brought up a security alert, I investigated and found the virus detector was invalid. Funny I thought so is the McAfee one.  Still I will run the scans that it can do. Wrong Move. while it was doing this a McAfee warning came up just at the point where I had to leave the room to deal with someone who had called. by the time I got back the screen had died again!

      The problem seems to have been caused by a Windows update which happens automatically. The update could not download the day before because I had changed my BT. home hub and the laptop had not been reconfigured and tuned in. Now the REAL question is do I have to wait for months again for the problem to resolve or is there a magic formula that I inadvertently used while cleaning the keys that got the machine to start up normally. I have tried pressing Fn+F4 and everything else that I could think of that might help. Maybe you have the answer. Anyway the one thing I have done is to switch of the wireless connectivity so the problem cannot recur but have I done the right thing there would the problem have righted itself while the machine was switched off or possibly while plugged in at the workshop it went to when another update might have downloaded automatically the machine then switching itself off as programmed to when not used for a certain time?

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          Hello Margaret - Yes, running multiple security programs in a computer would definitely cause performance issues also if I’m not wrong the issue has occurred after a recent Windows Update, correct?

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            If you had bothered to read my post you would have received that information!

            I did ask for information and what I got from you was a question. I am beginning to think computer technicians are related to politicions' and doctors


            As most computers with the exception of Apple run Windows and Windows Defender as standard and BT who supplied the McAfee security a a rather large company I would have thought it was incumbent on both McAfee and BT to ensure what they were offering did not conflict but compliment pre existing software    Surely if these conflict problems are well known among the computer technician fraternity they have a duty at the very least to ensure a prominent warning is made and stays on screen before the Mcafee software can be downloaded. As it is, what was supposed to be a free enhancement of my BT package has cost me time and money, tied up material that I need access to and prevented my use of video communication with family and friends. Now to add insult to injury I have a McAfee Moderator  trying to show me how clever they are, when in fact they don't even bother to read properly what I wrote.

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              Hello Margaret,

                I've just read your post, and I was wondering about something you said in it. You say you sent your laptop off to a friend's brother's workshop and it worked when it came back ... but you didn't say whether he tried to fix it, or what he did. I'm assuming that he was trying to work out why the screen had gone dead, and perhaps he found an answer. You forgot to say. Whatever he did, you say the problem has come back and you've got a dead screen again? It really does sound like it's a problem with the laptop itself, rather than with the operating system or any of the programs (although with computers, as I found the hard way a few months ago, you never can be too sure).


              As it's a laptop (and forgive me here if I get stuff wrong, because I don't own one myself) I presume it has a battery inside so you can use it on the move. And these batteries must be rechargeable, or replacing them would get too expensive. But I know that sometimes a battery will start to fail, and not hold its charge properly. Was your laptop plugged into the mains when it squeaked and died, or was it running on battery power? If it was on the battery, I would try putting a new battery in and seeing what happens.


              As for your question about running McAfee and Windows Defender on your laptop, all I can say is that I have both of them on my desktop machine and they seem to get along together quite happily. They just sit there in the background and hardly ever fight except when I start the PC up, when they both want to grab all the CPU for themselves and get to run first. After a bit the dust settles and then they go off into their own corners and aren't any more trouble after that. So, running both isn't a problem. There are some others which just won't run with McAfee at all, but that's another story.


              I guess that if you've had the laptop switched off or otherwise out of action for some time there will be a mass of updates to come through when it does come back to life; not just from McAfee but also from Microsoft (there was a huge download a week or two back where Microsoft were fixing all sorts of problems). And lots of the other software providers - like Adobe, and Mozilla who do Firefox, and Google if you've got Google Chrome - they've all been rushing out updates recently too. So when you get the laptop working I think you should probably leave it for an hour or two while everything gets back up to date.


              You mentioned that you had switched off the wireless connectivity ... try switching it back on and giving the laptop another go (either plugged in to the mains or with another battery) and see what happens. If the screen is still dark, are there any other signs of life at all - lights winking, things going beep, any clues that the laptop is still trying to work? If not, I'd say hand it over to someone (your friend's brother, or someone else) and ask them to try and get it fixed and while they're at it to make sure all the program updates are taken care of. This could cost you, I'm afraid.


              (Edit) You say you got McAfee with BT? I didn't know they did that. I know McAfee comes with O2. Have you tried talking to someone from BT about this problem? If there's a wireless connectivity problem you might need to get them involved.



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                Sorry, if I was not so clear. Hope Hayton's question carries all my query, kindly requesting you to clarify the same. Thanks

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                  Thank you Hayton for your additional information. There are a few more avenues for me to explore now. Cool Avatar  by the way(if that is the right handle).

                  I neglected to mention that I had sent two computers off to be looked at, as my desktop had subsequently gone on strike. I had not connected the two events (the laptop and the desktop being out of commission as they happened months apart) maybe the problems are completely different or maybe related. In any case my friends brother was out of the office at the time and someone else was doing work for him to keep the business going. He reloaded the desktop software and I can use it again but mysteriously the date/time seems to have stopped working properly, I'm unsure if a battery has become dislodged or if this is a programme problem.

                  The Laptop is a Hewlet Packard Pavilion a not inexpensive machine, the battery is fine. I run it on mains most of the time. I spoke to the technician doing the work and he advised me that  he could not resolve the problem. Before this all the people I had spoken to said it must be the graphics card that had died. Actually I did not start up the laptop right away when it came back as I was rather busy being ill with Flu. When I was better I was rather busy catching up with real life.  I was tired, but bored, one Saturday afternoon so decided to get it out and have a look, opened the ports on the underside discovered that a technician who had come to the house had used the second hard drive to make the external drive for a machine he left me with when he ruined my old desktop PC. I cleaned up  the HP. laptop and when I restarted it, it came on and said it had shut down unexpectedly giving me the option to start in safe mode, which I did. I could not connect to the internet and that made me realise that I had changed my home hub and it would need to be reconfigured to connect. This done I started to scan for problems.  McAffee informed me that the Virus Protection was out of date so I allowed an update. Being tired after the update had installed, I went to bed early and the next day I  being Sunday I thought ok. I will start it up again and download all the other updates But first I did a scan with Windows Defender. During the scan I had to leave the machine for a few minutes. When I returned the screen had gone blank which is programmed as a  power saving strategy. I touched the pad to activate, nothing The machine had crashed again. after a while I realised that an automatic update is set for Sunday at 2 pm. so Perhaps that was the problem. The machine had not switched off as it does sometimes after updates. The lights were on but it appeared no one was at home, no flashing disc stack light. I tried restarting the machine and pressing different key combinations. No Joy.


                  Since my last post Some friends have been staying one of them managed to get the screen back while I was out. and I found that when I went through internet explorer to connect to the net that there were all sorts of possible connections listed in the Connection Options. I also found that there was a multiple choice on the screen including something called mystartemoticons if I remember correctly, though this may be entirely wrong or mixed up, memory is not a reliable reference and I did not write it down, anyway the machine crashed again and though I have tried to follow the instructions I was given, which apparently restarted it  for my friend, I have had no joy. Any ideas out there would be welcome. I will be ringing my friend later to try being talked through what re started it before.

                  By the way what is a CPU. I have kept a close watch on the operating lights to see if there is activity going on when I am trying out things sometimes there is a flash or more sometimes there has been a beep of the type emitted when an incorrect action has been done but nothing has brought up the visual display there is just the glow of the backlight.



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                    Sorry for calling you a moderator Aldrin.

                    As you can probably tell, from my post, I did not find your reply at all useful. Maybe it is something to do with the use of language. I am British a Yorkshirewoman and expect that when I ask a question that any reply will attempt to answer it, not repeat what I have already said and ask another question. That is more or less what I do when using counselling and therapy techniques, except I try to ask a useful question, not one that has already been answered.


                    I find that I am much more impressed by someone who says I don't know, we might find out by exploring the possibilities.

                    Possible combinations of key strokes that may allow the screen graphics to be restored for example.

                    These are some of the questions  thought about that might have useful information in the answers.

                    Q. What laptop is it that is giving the trouble?   

                    Ans. A Hewlet Packard Pavilion.

                    Q. What Operating System is installed?            

                    Ans. Microsoft Windows Vista.

                    Q. What broadband provider do you use?        

                    Ans. British Telecom.

                    Q. What search engines do you use?                

                    Ans. Internet explorer, Google and recently Google Chrome on my PC but not                                                                                    the laptop.



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                      Re windows defender read this


                      Seems that 2009 version disables Defender on installation. I hear 2010 does as well. My defender service is stopped and set to manual start so better to not run it with Mcafee as sometimes they scan the same file at the same time and thus clash. Of course other run it and have no issues but I do recommend it be stopped.


                      Of course this not your laptop issue it sounds like a dry solder joint that fails when the laptop warms up. Only a poor guess Laptops not my usual area I tinker in. Will think further though do not hold hope.

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                          What Peacekeeper says about the laptop seems plausible. I'm not a hardware expert but the problem there does seem to be with the laptop itself rather than with the software. Of course, if you can't see anything on the screen it's very difficult to know what's going on, but it seems like the screen comes back to life at odd times for no apparent reason. You'll have to ask get your friend back in to make it work if the instructions you were given don't do the trick.


                          There is a website which might provide some useful tips : this webpage deals with the HP Pavilion - http://www.uktsupport.co.uk/hp/faq/pavilion.htm

                        and it gives a web address for Hewlett Packard support : http://welcome.hp.com/country/uk/en/support.html


                          They may be better placed than we are to give you specific advice about finding out what's wrong with your laptop display.


                          I didn't know about the McAfee/Defender clash under Windows Vista - that's the first time I've seen that document - but I should really have asked you what your operating system was. That was an elementary slip-up. A good job Peacekeeper was around to point that out.


                          Regarding the Internet Connections under Internet Explorer - if you've got a BT package, and if it's anything like O2, you shouldn't need anything in that section. I just have 'Automatically Detect Settings' selected. I assume you've got a BT wireless box, in which case there'll be a set of instructions on how everything should be set up - but I don't know what those will be, so I can't offer any help there.


                          I don't know what 'mystartemoticons' could be. Googling for the phrase returns nothing. Next time you see it, you'll have to make a note of it and we'll see if it's relevant.


                          The date/time not being correct on your desktop may mean that the small battery inside that provides just enough power to keep the timer accurate needs replacing. You should be able to reset the date and time from the desktop, but if it keeps showing an incorrect date or time I'd look at replacing the battery.


                          That's about the limit of what I can suggest, I'm afraid. It seems that the laptop itself is working - lights on, occasional beeps, all suggest activity - but until you can see what's on the screen we can't be certain what's actually going on. The only thought that occurs to me is that if you get the impression that something's started running there might be a window on the screen, perhaps waiting for you to click OK. Best not to if you can't see it, I suppose, so before you try any key combinations just hit the ESC key (in case it's a dialog window).


                          If you get the screen back and can see what's going on, I'll let Peacekeeper take over if you like - I'm still learning.


                          btw, the CPU is the Central Processing Unit - the heart of a computer, the bit that does all the work.



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                          Hayton keep on keeping on here I only joined the conversation to point out the laptop hardware possibility and the faq.


                          Margaret another thought is if not graphics card it could be the screen solder points try connecting the laptop derectly to a monitor can you see anything?


                          Margaret what HP model? Need full model number not just Pavillion



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