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      I try to play one of my games, Cabal Online, and when it does the patch, I get this notice. (see attatched photo). It's driving me crazy and why, after 3 weeks of playing, am I just now getting it? I get it twice saying that the .dll has been removed. First time is the game's program files, and then the second time in the temporary files.

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          Moving the thread to Malware Discussion area for more assistance:


          To investigate this issue, please submit the sample directly to McAfee Labs by attaching the file in an email to virus_research@avertlabs.com. When submitting samples via email, you must archive them in a password protected .zip file with the password “infected” (all lowercase).


          Once the file "eng_imgrepository.dll" is submitted, please post the submission response ID to this thread, so that this issue can be escalated.


          You can temporarily disable your antivirus - that will allow you to access and zip the file without locking up the system. Once you've submitted the file via email, the antivirus protection can be re-enabled again. Btw, what version of the McAfee products are you running? We will also require scan engine and DAT version information. (to find out that Open Security Center> Click on Navigation> About)

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            Is this what you're wanting?


            Analysis ID: 6332307


            I had to send it from my gmail account because Hotmail nor Yahoo would allow me to attach it.


            See  attached image for window you're wanting. I don't want to have to type  it all in again. Three times the web page messed up and said "cannot post  empty message"


            Also, should I go and hit the Cabal forums up and tell them the issue?



            Edit: Would have been helpful to know that you can't add your own scripting here. As in the (code)(/code), only using brackets instead of parenthesis. So, it was my fault that it messed up 3 times.



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                It actually appears that McAfee has a problem with the game...


                http://forum.cabal.com/showthread.php?657-Known-Anti-Virus-applications-that-has -problems-with-CABAL-and-GameGuard


                Edit: However, the game did run without a problem until game maitenence. So this is actually a new problem for me...but I'm going to see if they are going to do something on ESTsoft's side. Reason I say this is because McAfee users aren't the only ones that have this problem. AVG, Kasperky (or however it's spelled), Trend Micro, and others have same issues. I could REALLY use that "ignore list" now



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                  Thanks for reporting.

                  The file (md5:41b1d4f6f3ae358b6a9d6fb51bd87c38) been whitelisted and the Artemis detection should go away in ~30 mins.

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                    Thank you very much!