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    Unable to update - I've read through other discussions but nothing seems to work

      I had a message come up today saying that my computer was at risk.


      I checked for the problem and it was that my automatic updates weren't being downloaded.


      I tried to use the automatic option but nothing worked. I then tried to manually download the updates but I couldn't alter any of the options on the update screen.


      I ran McVT and it said my DAT file was out of date and then had it to fix the problem. After it said it had fixed the problem I checked the results tab and was surprise to see the following message. Please note the ! was in a yellow circle.


      VirusScan - 3-User McAfee Internet Security 14.5.113

      ! Pending: DAT out of date


      I've run McVT a few times since and I've had the same result everytime and I can't download my updates. I have been running Malwarebytes and Super Anti Spyware but have uninstalled them but to no avail.


      On the security report it states that my last update was tonight - but the problem still remains. And the number of updates was listed as 0.


      The laptop (HP Pavilion dv6000) itself is showing signs of ageing (trouble booting up - but this seems a common problem with this make). I've had it for four years but had updated the OS to Windows 7 earlier in the year (wish I hadn't as I think I may have to get a new laptop soon!).


      Any ideas? Or should I uninstall / reinstall McAfee? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I've wasted too many hours trying to sort out computer problems over the years

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