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    Quarantined P.U.Ps Removal

      how do you remove quarantined P.U.Ps when this message appears


      a script on this page is causing I.E. to run slowly. if it continues to run, your computer might unresponsive.

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          Could you please add more clarity on this issue, when do you get that message and what is the file that is quarantined by McAfee !!! (if possible please add the screenshots of the same)

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            Hi Aldrin,

              I thought this would cause confusion. Stephen posted a question to the end of an answered thread at


            and then seems to have realised he needed to start a new thread. He just forgot to copy over the details.


            Now that McAfee automatically detects and deletes many tracking cookies the list of quarantined items and PUPs can become very large. To delete or restore them, or send them to McAfee, you have to open Security Center, open the Navigation panel, and click on 'Quarantined and Trusted Items'. See screenshot below for what you then get. If you choose Select All, you can click on one of the (greyed-out) items.


            I have tried this myself and there is definitely something not right with the program : it takes a long time to populate the list with items (all of them cookies) and when I tried to delete those cookies mcagent.exe ran for several minutes, taking 100% of the cpu - I very nearly killed the process, thinking it was never going to finish. See the screenshot for what I mean. I couldn't get one done until the deletion process had completed but you can see what happened on the cpu graph.


            Try it yourself, and see if happens to you too.



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              hi sorry about the confusion but new to all this jagon but what you have just said is the exact problem.

              when i try to delete all, the above said message appears. tech support directed me to here.

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                Reboot the computer, tap F8 when you reboot, select Safe Mode. Open McAfee Security Center and try to delete them

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                  sorry for delay

                  i started computer in safe mode as asked

                  opened mcafee

                  opened quarantined p.u.ps

                  on the screen came a list of mostlly cookies

                  was unable to delete any as it was still loading after two hours

                  sorry no screen shots as i dont know how

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                    Sorry for not being so clear, please try this. Reboot the computer again in Safe Mode:


                    • If you are using Windows XP then navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\VirusScan\Quarantine
                    • If you are using Windows Vista (or) 7 then navigate to C:\ProgramData\McAfee\VirusScan\Quarantine


                    Delete all the files over there and reboot the computer back in normal mode, hope this helps...

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                      thank you for all the help

                      was able to delete everything and all p.u.ps removed.

                      hopefully now things can get back to normal.