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    McAfee 2010 or 2011




      How could i know is my mcafee 2010 or 2011 version ?

      On interface have no any notification.


      thank you

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          Please open McAfee Security Center> Click on Navigation on the right top> Click on About on the left panel, you could the version details over there. Mention the version details over here so that we shall idenity them accordingly

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            OK. Thanks


            I know about that. But i need to know does Mcafee same product 2010 and 2011 ?  I didn't see difference-contrast.

            Why i need ''renew'' from 2010 to 2011 version if both are same ?

            Thank you ScreenShot257.jpg


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              We understand your concern, for your information we still have the 2011 products in beta stage. However, the product what you have as 2011 is the only one which has the ability to upgrade itself (automatically) to next version [2010 to 2011] when the complete version of 2011 gets released.


              Hope that clarifies your question.

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                Thank you Aldrin, now is better.


                Ok. I though am i blind on my eyes or...?

                You know my question is only for my own curiosity, nothing else. You know...

                I dont like if i got offer to renew on version 2011 and pay again, if i have same product.

                Please require to mcafee, they must make full designation on interface as Kaspersky or Norton ( McAfee Total Protection 2011 ).


                I had been little confused when i saw on mcafee site offer like this :


                anyway thank you for answer




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                  I do understand Aniela, you are welcome to ask questions we are here to reply for all your queries....

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                    However, i'm very satisfied with McAfee products  and i recommend those for  everybody who want to have good protection on PC.

                    Today mcafee is very easy for use, and don't take RAM as before, and don't slow down surfing on internet, and have good heuristic detection.




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                      Really glad to hear such awesome comments from a wonderful/satisfied customer like you. Thanks again...