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    Recommendation for new EPO Server Hardware


      We currently have our McAfee EPO 4.0 server running on an old unsupported Dell Poweredge server. The current EPO server is running Windows 2003 32 bit, 3GB RAM with about 2200 clients. The plan is for us to move this server to a newer Dell Poweredge server and then eventually have it virtualized. We need the new hardware since we can't currently do an upgrade from EPO 4.0 to 4.5 with SQL Express 2005 due to it needing more server resources.


      I would like to now what type of hardware, CPU, Memory, HDD & OS version people are running their EPO servers on. My gut feeling is that we would perform a fresh install of EPO 4.5 on a new server under Windows 2008R2. Does EPO support 64Bit or will that be an issue. I would like to be able to address more than 4GB of RAM on the new server hence 64 bit. Will the SQL Express 2005 support the 64 bit OS?