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    URL Reputation filter logging



      I'm using McAfee Web Gateway 6.8.7

      It seems that the reputation filter is logging in the /var/log/messages file.

      Is there a way to make it log in to a dedicated file, posibly in the web gui.


      I know that I can read the data from the messages file in to another file. But I think it is a bit foolish to spam the messages with the reputation filter logs.



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          Jon Scholten

          Hello Nurmi!


          This is actually controlled by a setting in the GUI, you can find this under URL Filter > Web Reputation, if this is set to "Block & Log Reputation" then it will log to the /var/log/messages.


          Putting this to a dedicated log on 6.x isnt the easiest, but you can just log "rep_level" in the access log, and it will be available there.


          Let me know if this helps!



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            Thanks for the answer.

            Basically I knew these options. I was just wondering if there were a way to get a dedicated file.

            I might try the access log approach, although if it will log all the access events then the log will get huge very fast.

            Actually the only reason I need the rep-logs is to weed out some of the false positives it is giving us.

            And I can always grep and feed the events from the messages log.