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    Worms Attack Skype, Yahoo Messenger


      Hi all !


      Worms Attack Skype, Yahoo Messenger!

      I use McAfe VSE 8.7 and Antispywre 8.7 . But I donit know why McAfee VSE 8.7 can not remove this worm

      I need your help!



      This is some information about it.


      A new worm is treading in the secret loopholes  of your Yahoo IM and Skype account. As reported by Internet security  company - Bkis, the new virus initially affected only Yahoo IM users but  recently a more potent version of the virus has attacked Skype users as  well.

      How it affects?

      While using your Skype or Yahoo IM, a message will pop out from  nowhere. Normally the message is disguised and appears to be from one of  your friends on chat list. A common message would be like "How does my  hair look like?" Along with this, a file of.jpg format will be  attached for your perusal. Since you get the message from your chat  buddies, it is but normal for you to click on this .jpg file  link to see the hairstyle of your chat buddy. As you click this link,  you are redirected to a new site which has a similar interface as  Rapidshare.com and you are prompted to download a file. This file has  been cleverly disguised as a .jpg file but it is actually an executable  file with a .com extension. The moment you download this file, your  computer gets infected and just as you got this message and link, your  friends also start getting the same message from you.


      The harmful affects of this Worm

      Infects Word files with malicious content.

      Can take commands from the Hacker via IRC server.

      Blocs Anti-Virus Programs.

      Can hide its files and folders with ease.

      Users can’t access helpful sites on Internet.

      Transmits via USB and Hard Disk Drives. (portable)

      How to stay safe?

      Update your anti-virus.

      Do not click on links that look suspicious. The example that I gave  above "How does my hair look?" is just one type of message. You may get  some other message from your chat buddies which may be a virus. The best  time to stop is to recognize the Rapidshare.com like interface and just  close the browser tab at that moment itself.

      Install a Fire Wall to monitor what files on your computer access the  IRC server from your computer. Many free versions of fire-walls are  available on the Internet. Most of them are good enough for personal  use.

      The worm has been named W32.Skyhoo.Worm and considered very harmful. A  very peculiar thing, however, is that if your computer does not have  Skype or Yahoo IM, the worm exists your PC without harm. Stay connected  for more updates.




      Thank you in advance !