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    Error occured while installing VSEMAS870000




      1. I am using EPO 4.5 Build 937, McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.7, AntiSpyware 8.7, Agent virusscan patch 3

      I am unable to install virusscan and antispyare on few pcs i am getting the error Error occured while installing VSEMAS870000

      below is the attached screenshot of the error. please guide me the procedure to solve this problem.


      2. Our Organization uses norton ghost and pcs get distributed all over the organization.

      what are the neccessary keys to deleted after unplugging the network cable for the master image pc..since all pcs have the same guid i have noticed some pcs doesnot get updated

      so i have to delete keys in registry and when i push agent they get installed and gets updates.

      what are the steps to be followed when using norton ghost